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I'm a Delivery Manager/Scrum Master working in Chicago IL. In my spare time I enjoy riding my bicycle.

Obligatory Disclaimer
The words and opinions expressed here are my own, and do not, in any way, represent the views of my employers. This statement applies to all online presences I have.

These days I write most of my work related content in markdown in Mou. Check it out if you are interested in markdown and need an editor.

Sometimes this is how I spend my weekend


Stand-up desk at work. ~3 months and not looking back


Chicago, IL

Getting ready to power my Raspberry Pi

Chicago, IL

I didn’t follow one of my favorite maxims: if you have nothing good to say, keep your mouth shut.

I spoke and instantly regretted it.


"Dr. Evil (of Austin Powers fame) knew exactly what he wanted, but due to changes in the market and a team that was unable to deliver on his special request, he had to compromise with mutated Sea Bass. He knew how he wanted to finish off Austin Powers, but his team lacked the focus to get him there.  The same could be said for many business owners today – they know what they want, but not how to get there. It’s our job as service providers to deliver."

Chicago, IL

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