German Flores

German Flores

Joining a Team as a Scrum Master

This week I joined a team in the Scrum facilitation role. There is so much to share about my intentions but I decided to share these key expectations.

Lake Michigan, I sometimes think about these topics while I go for a run and bicycle ride.

Hello everyone,

I look forward to supporting you in the Scrum facilitation role, as I transition to help you I want to share how I approach the Scrum facilitation these days.

For the Scrum role, I’m tasked with facilitating the Scrum, that means that you, the team understand why we have the Scrum meetings we have, e.g. Story Writing & Estimation, Daily Team Meeting, Retrospective, and Planning.

In addition, I’m tasked with helping with delivery, that means striving to deliver working software at a regular cadence and helping you plan ahead.

Lastly I’m tasked with helping you work together. That means that you have what you need to deliver working software, e.g. Priority of work, ability to deliver from idea to production, removing blockers when I can, and asking (hopefully) insightful questions.

As I join the team I will try to follow these guiding principles:

  • Do no harm, e.g. Don’t make things worse
  • Speak only when I think I can improve the situation
  • Bring a positive attitude
  • Don’t leave for tomorrow what I can do today
  • Strive for excellence in what I do
  • Support the team as best as I can
  • Assume positive intent in people
  • Act with curiosity
  • Be open to feedback

In the next few days you will see new Scrum meetings coming from me and short one-on-one sessions for us to chat individually. I look forward to supporting you in the Scrum facilitator role and learning from you.